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"How To Develop Maximum Strength, Speed, Power, Muscle and Unstoppable Conditioning - In 3 Hours Per Week Or Less"
If You Want To Be Way More MUSCULAR, Way STRONGER, Way FASTER and Ready To Handle Any Physical Challenge Any Time – This Could Be THE Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read…


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The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength
By Jon Bruney

Paperback 268 pages

“Jon Bruney brings his straightforward, cohesive and clear approach to training in Neuro-Mass, telling you what to do, why and how—combining grinders, dynamic movements and isometrics in a training program that can help you redefine your best.”—RANDALL J. STROSSEN, Ph.D., Founder & President, IronMind Enterprises, Inc.; Publisher & Editor-in-chief, MILO: A Journal For Serious Strength Athletes.

“Anyone looking to blast themselves out of whatever quagmire they find themselves mired in need look no further than the protocols and strategies outlined in this excellent book. Athletes need what Jon is offering: pure power combined with amazing capacity for sustained and continual strength output. This type of training can provide users an entirely new strength approach that will prove particularly beneficial to fighters, athletes, military and law enforcement types. The approach will also allow regular folks a method with which to round out their current capacities and capabilities.”—MARTY GALLAGHER, 3-time World Master Powerlifting Champion, author of The Purposeful Primitive

“I keep thinking I have seen it all in the fitness industry, but Neuro-Mass, by Jon Bruney has taken the gems from the world of Strongman competition and linked it with the systematic approach of the kettlebell world’s grinds and ballistics. So, what you have is something different: it’s the connection between strongman, armor-building, grinding and ballistics that I’m not sure anyone has explored before in print. I keep shaking my head as I go through this and realize that we are still learning amazing things about how to improve performance. I love the book.”—DAN JOHN, author of Never Let Go


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