Rings of Power Secrets of Successful Suspension Training—A Simple, Proven System for Building Sustainable Strength Mike Gillette

Rings of Power - By Mike Gillette

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The Secrets of Successful Suspension Training—A Simple, Proven System for Building Sustainable Strength

Rings of Power - By Mike Gillette

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Rings can have a redemptive—and almost magical—impact on your long-term strength training… Why? Because ring work replicates natural, multi-dimensional, functional, self-correcting movement. Rings reduce the destructive stress on the joints often caused by traditional weight lifting—with its repetitive, forced, linear “grinding of the gears”. With ring work, the adaptive, strength-enhancing stress goes to the muscles—where it belongs…

The rings are strength saviors for the over-forties—and in many cases represent a wiser, safer choice for younger athletes seeking to push their physical capabilities to ever-greater heights.

The forgiving, user-friendly rings have the power to:

  • Restore former strength lost to joint pain
  • Rekindle your passion for intense, results-producing exercise
  • Reengineer your body into a sleeker, tougher vehicle that continues to get stronger and stronger and stronger—pain-free
  • Reverse the damage and imbalance wrought by an over-reliance on machine-based exercise
  • Release you from the strength plateaus in your training—by introducing an infinite variability of adaptive challenge into your workouts
  • Reclaim your full physical capabilities—and then help you exceed those capabilities
  • Rejuvenate your system—through a newfound freedom from pain and a newfound ease of movement

And the glory of it is that—in his inspirational Rings of Power—Mike Gillette gives you a super-simple yet immensely powerful plan to immediately transform yourself physically with rings alone. Follow Gillette’s clear-cut guide—and your severely-enhanced athletic capability is a foregone conclusion…


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